Last April, Mercedes Benz launches #Untamed, a unique and innovative photograph exhibition in the heart of Paris. The installation will present impressive projections of the most inspiring and unusual photos submitted to an international audience of art enthusiasts and will translate the individual, digital style of each participant.

They use their interests to attract the attention of he people to the art and the digital world. Many of these people showcase their individual lifestyle with creative and aesthetic images on Instagram, simultaneously assuming the role of photographer, viewer and curator. Mercedes Benz is using a photo exhibition to create a stage that is itself becoming a work of art.

#Untamed breaks the rules of traditional exhibitions: Participants can use their pictures to directly influence how the exhibition will proceed, based on their #Untamed Score: a special image analysis system that shows how distinctive the style of a photo is. The #Untamed Scores is powered by complex, self-developed image analysis technology.

To participate in this unique installation, upload your Instagram photos to

The digital photo installation with some images and some fornitures the room with some mapping projection colours The rom with one mapping projection the room with the photo exposition



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